MEST Africa’s flagship Training Program’s application is now open for Class of 2023. It is a twelve-month program hosted physically in Accra and devised to offer young Africans commercial skills in technology and entrepreneurship, MEST Africa helps Entrepreneurs-in-training to build successful technology businesses.

Meltwater Foundation has launched the training in 2008 as a fully-funded program. The Training Program has acquainted over 800 young African tech entrepreneurs, given seed investment to and supported over 80 startups, and created thousands of jobs all over the world for their graduates.

Applicants who come out successfully will attain access to world-class education in software development, business and communication skills from MEST’s campus in Accra, Ghana. The training is done along with mentorship and networking sessions with coaching industry experts and business executives from all over the world. At the end of the year-long program, all the Entrepreneurs-in-training form startups with co-founders within their cohort and establish their business idea for up to $100,000 in seed funding, business incubation, and a lifetime of support from MEST Africa’s global community of experts and founders.

Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) has produced some of the continent’s fastest-growing startups across various industries. Some of its past cohorts and graduating startups include the largest real estate platform in Ghana, MeQasaCodeLn, one of the fastest-growing platforms for hiring software developers in Africa; Complete Farmer, a leading agritech business in Africa and Kudobuzz, a SaaS company that builds tools to help eCommerce merchants build trust and traction.

The Director of Training Program at MEST Africa, Emily Fiagbedzi, has rightly said that they are thrilled to open applications for their 12-month Training Program to every aspiring tech entrepreneur on the continent again as more countries open up their borders again and as the world adapts to the new normal. They look forward to identifying and welcoming a diverse group of young and ambitious people into their program in Ghana to start their entrepreneurial journeys by August 2022.

All applicants are thereby urged to apply on or before 20th April 2022.

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