Spleet has increased $625k pre-seed led by MetaProp VC. other investors which include Future Africa, FEDHA Capital, VFD Group, Moonshot VC, HoaQ, CEO of Squarefoot, Jonathan Wassersturm, CEO of Flutterwave, Gbenga ‘GB’ Agboola, also partook in the hoop.

 Nigeria’s prop-tech start-up Spleet projects to create financial services resolutions for landlords and tenants in Africa. Deliberate components include tenant vetting and expense mechanization for landlords and tenants to rent now and pay later opinion.

 Leasing apartments are notably tricky in primary African cities. Both landlords and tenants are uncertain of what they’re conveying by signing a tenancy contract. Based on my individual preference, I believe Lagos takes the share. 

Respected housing in suitable environments is rarely affordable, and affordable houses are rarely ever respected. Adding in a mix of religious, cultural, and tribality bias, then you’re stuck with an impossible situation. 

Spleet’s prevalent task is to make housing more manageable in Africa, but its present resolution, like other companies, is targeted at the excellent end. 

 Tola Adesanmi spleet CEO recognized that Spleet’s initial housing marketplace did not discourse the grating affordability problem. He considers that the rent-now-pay-later financing solution would fill this gap. 

The big vision: A financing solution only manages part of the problems mentioned above. Frankly, only people of a fairly higher-earning cadre would opt to fund an apartment that costs ₦2 million per year ($4,000). Evaluating other solutions available in the space, the enterprise seems wide-open for further cataclysm. 


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