Social Media Marketing And Content Monetization

Get comprehensive training and international certification on social media marketing and content monetization.


Who Is This Course For?

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This course is available for everyone who wants to qualify and work as Social media marketer also as a specialist content monetizer.


Advantages Of Have This Training And Certification:


  1. Social media marketers are well sorted out for here and also internationally.
  2. After this course an international recognized certificate will be issued to participants
  3. Participant will gain knowledge of all the skills needed to start and manage the client’s social media accounts
  4. Participants who want to be self-employed will benefit from this course.
  5. Learn how to make money from contents


Course content:

Learning Objectives:

  • Leverage personal social media experience professionally
  • Provide a consistent identity across channels
  • Identify social media objectives by determining what matters most
  • Determine which social media channels work best as part of an overall strategy
  • Use different channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, Reddit, blogs, industry-specific, international channels, etc.) to address objectives
  • Think strategically and adjust plans to changes in the community conversation
  • Develop a social media campaign
  • Explain the benefits of building community online for your organization
  • Understand risk management, the importance of a social media policy, and how to adopt one
  • Explore the importance of video, images, memes, & infographics across channels, how to select and create effective images and video, determine bias, and manage risk with the use of the intellectual property and shared material
  • Use curation tools for finding, organizing, and sharing content
  • Understand the value of mobile
  • Identify key performance indicators and build reports from them, analyze if an entire social media strategy is effective, and demonstrate the use of tools for measurement
  • Segment and target audiences
  • Use measurement, analytics, and paid options (Facebook Ads, Sponsored Tweets, LinkedIn Premium)
  • Integrate old and new media tools into an overall communications campaign and strategy


Social media marketing course in Nigeria, Lagos, and this course can be done in the classroom or online so participants can participate from all parts of Nigeria and world.


Social Media Management Certificate course


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Social Media Management Certificate course

Certification Level:

Amount: N20,0000

Duration: 4 days


Advanced Level:

Amount N40,000

Duration: 5 days


International Diploma

Amount N120,000

Duration: 2 weeks




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