Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account for 90% of corporations and 50% of professions globally. In accumulation, SMEs produce 7 out of 10 jobs in emerging economies. Hence, ensuring that SMEs have a good environment to thrive in is crucial for job creation and economic growth.

However, an incapability to access finance for their enterprise procedures signifies considerable SMEs have to lock shop. Nigeria, for example, banks are more possible to offer loans to big industries. For the past five years, loan organizations like FairMoney and Brass have uplifted in their services, supplying individuals and companies with a choice to living financial establishments. 

The previous year, Nigeria’s fintech space witnessed a recent new arrival – Pivo. The organization was established by Nkiru Amadi-Emina (CEO) and Ijeoma Akwiwu (COO) as effect of the compliance the two women had. Amadi-Emina had founded Jalo, a logistics enterprise that aided firms in Northern Nigeria until its accession by Kobo360 

Her career witnessed her functioning with different tech enterprises, and she was shortly inquisitive concerning other services a lawyer could offer firms. Glancing this appeal, a friend showed her the chance to perform on a task to restrain vice in Nigeria’s judicial sector. Though the project never happened, it gave her better wisdom into chances in the tech space and directed her to obtain a master’s in software engineering. As a team, they executed businesses together, and their knowledge steered them that diminutive businesses in the supply chain enterprise toiled with financing issues. Endeavoring to crack that issue ushered them to begin Pivo.

The duo Having worked at Kobo360 and then also created a reference buying product together, uncovered that a lot of the small players in both techniques have cases with financing or finalizing dealings that they convey. 

Pivo is a monetary services agency aimed at SMEs in Africa’s supply chain sector. However, the determination to concentrate on businesses in the supply chain sector arrives from the founders’ expertise performing in the enterprise and a comprehension that there’s a supply chain detail to most districts of the African economy.

We need to also comprehend that a supply chain is a procedure that cuts across numerous sectors, whether you’re in manufacturing, agribusiness, or oil and gas. Significantly, in any supply chain, the thespians stay exact,

” While other startups provide businesses with working capital, what sets Pivo apart is its focus on a set of business according to Amadi Emina.

 The organization has rolled out its foremost goal – Pivo Capital – a loan benefit for supply chain businesses, but it is not thwarting at that. It intends to offer every monetary benefit that a supply chain business requires, including, corporate account services s, asset financing, inventory financing e.t.c 

The startup has gotten over 250 clients (200 of which are active), received loan requests of over $2 million, and disbursed over $700,000 to date since its private beta launch which took place in July 2021. Originally cold boot by the co-founders, the startup has raised an unrevealed pre-seed competition from investors including Mercy Corps Ventures, Microtraction, Ventures Platform, FirstCheck Africa, and Bold Angel Fund. Pivo has also gotten into the ODX accelerator program, where it will receive $125,000 for 7% equity. 

The loan Agency has three core products – Pivo Capital, Pivo Finance, and Pivo Plus. For Pivo Capital, the agency charges an interest rate and management fee on all loans spent. The interest rates are not specified and contrast relying on the loan amount and the company involved. However, Akwiwu revealed that the minimum interest rate is 3%.

Like any enterprise, the Organization has faced its fair share of difficulties, including holding up with the growth of its loan portfolio and hiring suitable talent. On keeping up with its loan portfolio, Akwiwu said the company has had to work near with its financial counterparts.

“I think the significant issue we’ve had is primarily around holding up with the growth that we are seeing. An illustration is that your loan portfolio is growing, but do you have adequate finances to support that growth? One of the ways we’re mitigating it is quickly starting credit lines with financial partners at the same speed of our portfolio growth.”

On the skill front, Akwiwu revealed that the startup still has most of its founding group, while Amadi-Emina shared that they have been deliberate about their employs.


“One thing we try to do is to be calculated and calculated about hiring because what you find is, if you make the right hire, they’re able to recompense for other voids in your 

structure,” Akwiwu stated.

Presently functioning in Lagos, the loan organization has its visions on Nigeria’s other retail cities, including Port Harcourt, Abuja, and Kano, before extending to other African countries, starting with Ghana in Q4 2022 .

 Like any enterprise, the organization has encountered its honest share of difficulties, which involves holding up with the expansion of its loan portfolio and hiring honorable talent. On keeping up with its loan portfolio, Akwiwu said the company has had to work closely with its monetary partners.

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