The problem of insecurity in this part of the world is alarming, and there are no adequate measures to safeguard the lives of men, women, and children.

Many business owners have been rubbed of their money and other properties without traces of the intruder, of which could be an employee (sales boy or girl) as the case may be. In most cases, the intruder goes free of such crime due to no evidence.

For this reasons, people are looking for ways to secure themselves, their families, and their properties in one piece; no one wants to lose any life or anything they have. This is where your CCTV installation comes in.

What then is a CCTV?

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CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and is simply a technological mode of security that can be used in the home or the office.

It captures the live video footage of any person who walks into the vicinity covered by the camera. The personal information which the CCTV camera captures includes; the photographic images, behavioral mannerisms, and activities done by persons who walk into the vicinity of the camera. 

Some are so powerful that they can penetrate dark spaces and zoom into minute details. The video footage from a CCTV camera can be viewed in real-time or saved/recorded for later viewing.

You can store footage gathered by the cameras by choosing a hard drive on your property or in the cloud, or both.

A footage stored in the cloud can be more beneficial because you can access it from any location whereas, reversed is the case for a footage stored on your hard drive, you may need to be in the same room as your computer to access it and will most likely have an issue with recovering footage if it is broken or stolen.

Before installing a CCTV camera system, you have to choose the right spots for the camera and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to maximize camera coverage and minimize cable length, which in-turn will reduce the in line losses that affect video quality. 

For your indoor placement of the security cameras, choose a corner in the room from where most entry points into the room are visible. A power socket should also be in close proximity. For outdoors, choose a higher spot covering the door, window approaches, etc. choose a spot above 10ft so that it cannot be knocked down easily.

Simple Step to Step methods to Install Your CCTV

1. Mounting the Camera:

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  • Place the camera unit at the preferred place and make guide marks for drilling. 
  • Drill holes and hammer in the screw mouldings. 
  • Screw the camera in place firmly. 
  • Insert the power cable of the camera in a socket.

2. Placing the DVR

How to install a CCTV camera and DVR in 6 simple steps - Ideas by Mr Right

This is the place where the surveillance hard disk is present. All your CCTV recording reside inside a DVR. Therefore, you are adviced to keep the DVR inside a locked compartment so that even if an intruder spots the DVR, he wouldnt be able to destroy the recorded videos. You have to ensure a bullet proof security system for your home and office.

3. Managing the cables

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  • Plan a pathway for all your cables from cameras to DVR unit. 
  • Use wire moldings to keep the wire managed and safe. 
  • Nail the moldings along the path and put the Siamese surveillance wire inside.

4. Connecting the Wires

CCTV Installation Training - Hisecurity Nigeria

The video cable is connected via a BNC port. Bayonet Nut Coupling is a commonly used plug and socket for audio, video and networking applications that provides a tight connection.

  • Remove about 1.5cm of outer covering of the video cable which should now expose the braids.
  • Slide the crimping barrel onto the cable with wider diameter facing towards the end of the cable. 
  • Remove the white insulator covering the innermost cable. 
  • Insert this exposed cables into the BNC port and screw the crimping barrel. This makes a secure connection.
  • Then, Connect the DVR output port to the screen on which you want the video feed.

5. Power on the System

How to install a CCTV System in 10 minutes - YouTube

  • Start by powering ON the cameras.
  • Followed by the display and the DVR. 
  • Setup the DVR according to the user manual provided with the DVR. 
  • Go over every camera’s feed to confirm each camera is working properly and providing the desired viewing angle.

You may want to install your security camera system by yourself, though this can be challenging, depending on the scale of your system and whether it requires cabling. If installed improperly, security camera systems can fail to provide protection to your facility. 

Therefore, I suggest you hire a professional security camera installer, as he will ensure all camera systems are set up for the best possible functioning. 

We have experts who will make sure that your cameras are positioned at the right angles, providing a safe and effective security camera installation for your business and home protection without fail. Also, they are trained in a way that they can perform installations and running/managing of cables without accidents and injuries.

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