The African trade and tech space are evolving swiftly and we at Ventor Africa are excited about this journey and would love to be a part of this development and hit story. African establishments are modifying the vision and narrative of the continent by building solutions not just for Africa but for the entire world. Africa is now being acknowledged as a resolution centric and we at Ventor Africa are scrutinizing to back key providers across the continent

Ventor Africa is a comprehended investment business support establishment between the pre-launch to Series A stages that have recognized a fissure in the business ecosystem in Africa and are inventing a dedicated and tolerable resolution that can transform the current tides. At Ventor Africa we are very particular about an organization that has a Pan-African view and is looking to raise its solutions to correspond people and companies across the continent of Africa.

With our discussions with considerable founders, we surveyed that between 30% – 40% of an organization raise is budgeted for corporation development and trade which is an inescapable limitation each business must seek to strike if they expect to scale fast. With this knowledge, Ventor Africa has cooperated with one of the foremost media organizations in Africa to provide major marketing resolutions to our portfolio companies. This collaboration creates seamless access to some of the largest outdoor media investments across the continent including Nigeria, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, with considerable more to come. There are likewise opportunities for radio stations scope in Nigeria, Cinemas, Malls, Newspapers and digital media marketing solutions. With this, inventors no longer have to stress about the numerous expenses associated with scaling and commerce, and this allows them to use their meager financial resources to build their resolutions further.

Ventor Africa is a sector-agnostic business, which is obvious in our existing portfolio blend which brags of assets across diverse establishments such as hospitality, entertainment, financial services, real estate, and branding.
Our financial obligation varies between a minimum of $10k and a maximum of $20k, and we can deliver $50k upwards in media access only If you are an organization with:
1. An achievable product
2. A transparent and endurable income-generating sample
3. Designated scaling prospect
4. A Pan-African development plan
You can check out our website – to get more details and apply for funding.
The future of Africa is ours to build, and we can start Today.

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