The event took place on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, by Quidax, an Africa-founded cryptocurrency exchange as it declared its brand ambassador.

Following the presentation of his opening statement, Buchi Okoro, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder, Quidax, pithily spoke about the company, what they represent, and their previous achievements over the years. 

He expressed that Quidax creates it leisurely for users to purchase, trade, stock, and transfer cryptocurrencies.” There is a lot of exclusion that ensues because we are Nigerians, Africans.” Crypto is the solution. Quidax was designed to solve issues concerning accessing funds and transferring them easily for Africans. 

Over the years, Quidax has evolved to be one of the most extensive crypto exchanges in Africa and the first African exchange listed on CoinMarketCap. By May 2021 they already processed over 3.2 billion dollars in dealings in less than three years and were rewarded Business Day’s 2021 digital assets company of the year. 

 Quidax Growth

Buchi noted that improvements are continuously made to their forum through customer response, with the new price alert component on the forum existing as a renowned example. Quidax has also uncovered a way to engross users to learn crypto on its platform and newly launched Quidax Academy to train crypto newbies. 

Answering how secure the platform is, Buchi said they have a custody solution that includes fund insurance; every fund in Quidax is insured. Also, there is a 13-man team constantly working on securing the platform from attacks and a three-factor authentification (3FA) feature that helps to confirm the user’s identity.

 Don Jazzy: Quidax Ambassador

 The Quidax call recently was initiated, aiming to assist put crypto in show of more people. “The fact is to assist preach the truth about crypto,”Buchi said. 

Michael Collins Ajereh, professionally known as Don Jazzy was introduced by Buchi as a new member and brand ambassador of the Quidax family. When he was questioned about crypto and why he feels it is important, the new ambassador said he tries his best to abide ahead of the angle and know what is after to avoid being lost in the developing world. He counted that he wants to fetch more individuals into crypto as he believes it is the future. 

Don Jazzy, who commence his crypto journey in 2020 during the pandemic, stated that he finds crypto rather easy to use and transfer money to various parts of the world.


 However Don Jazzy also unleashed his views on Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and their multiple benefit cases. He witnesses NFTs evolving a thing in the music enterprise, and he emphasized the other benefits cases like property licenses. 

Buchi expressed their choice choosing Don Jazzy was because he is very comfortable to associate with and approach and much curious about crypto. Buchi said, “At Quidax, we consider that understanding crypto should be entertaining. Learning crypto should be something you can connect to, and Don Jazzy demonstrates and shows what it means to be a Quidaxian.

Also among these are those in attendance at the unveiling event were Uzo Awili, Quidax Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and CO-Founder, Morris Ebieroma, Quidax’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and CO-Founder, members of the Quidax staff; Miss Techy, Money Africa, members of the media and many others. 

Quidax is an African-founded cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy for anyone to purchase, trade, supply and transfer cryptocurrencies. Quidax also promotes fintech companies to provide cryptocurrency-related services to their shoppers. 

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