The Digital Marketing Skill Institute (DMSI) is a global digital marketing company that uses digital technologies to fast-track the growth of digital marketing talents while approximating them with associations globally either as workers or entrepreneurs (freelancer or agency) has partnered with the Challenge Fund For Youth Employment (CFYE) which is financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs to launch “Digital Marketing Women Employability and Entrepreneurship Program (DM-WEEP)”, a program created to teach, fit and construct digital marketing jobs for 4,500 women.

The program is co-funded by Dutch Government aims to empower youthful women in Nigeria within the years of 20-35 is fixed to increase the employability of these women with digital marketing and they will pay nothing upfront for the internship until they are utilized attaining respectable earnings. Talking about this outcome, The founder of Digital Marketing InstituteTobi Asehinde announced that the ambition is in line with the organization’s task to support and entrust 1 million people by 2030 to begin, develop and rise extremely profitable businesses and careers utilizing digital marketing.

However, he examined that the global demand for Digital Marketing is assessed at US$350 Billion and males conquered, nonetheless, with this program, we are offering women a say and transmit in a digital marketing industry that is male-dominated. 

“Digital marketing is one of the considerably preferred industries where many women are inquisitive in building a profession but then, some of them are kept back by the monetary cost that is needed to comprehend the mastery.

 The Digital Marketing Women Employability and Entrepreneurship Programme will be bridging that gap and entrust many Nigerian women to chase their pursuits and construct a global digital marketing career,” he stated. Global figures show a startling economic disparity with women losing jobs at almost twice the rate of men and leaving over 47 million more women below the poverty line. However, due to the responsibilities that come with being pregnant or a nursing mother, some young women have had to forfeit their career or drop their job pursuit for the sake of being functional to heed to taking care of their home. With a career in digital marketing, they won’t have to lower their ambitions because they are pregnant or nursing a baby, as it allows for easygoing working conditions. 

According to research released at the beginning of the year by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), about 35.2% of women in the country are jobless. The breakdown also revealed that women account for only 43.3% of the working population in Nigeria. At the same time, industries have been propelled to adopt digital technologies and channels to advertise and run their businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in higher growth in demand for people with digital skills. There is a chance to check and build jobs here by training young people in digital marketing to aid these firms to grow and thrive in a digital economy. 

Mr. Asehinde said we have built an education technology answer to accelerate learning of digital skills and built 2 tech platforms called Accredital and Wizlancer to correspond learners to employment and self-employment options from businesses around the world. We are very focused on not just teaching young people but linking them to opportunities to earn a worthy income. 

Articulating on the ambition, the project manager Christiana Olawumi expressed her appreciation to Digital Marketing Skill Institute and Challenge Fund For Youth Employment for cooperating to support young women like herself fulfill their individual and professional aspirations in the new digital economy. In her words, “when we decrease the rate of unemployment in the country, there will be a decrease in community vices and our society will be a safe place to live”.

She went further to show her confidence as she spoke about how much action the project team has put in place to make sure that the program is a success. 

To guarantee that the project has the greatest impact and advances women interested in digital marketing, Digital Marketing Skill Institute cooperated with Challenge Fund For Youth Employment, which is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and strives to produce a prosperous future for young women across Nigeria.  

Mr. Asehinde highlighted that such collaborations with CFYE are essential to the victory of tackling unemployment in Nigeria which is presently at 33%, and re-emphasized DMSI duty to partner with more governmental bodies, public/private companies, Foundations, Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) to accomplish its purpose of entrusting and assuring a better tomorrow for Young Women in the Digital Economy. “Digital Marketing Women Employability and Entrepreneurship Programme” is one of the many techniques we are operating to attain our mission. 


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